I got reminded about “Das Erbe” today. Story is that the player inherits a building and has to fix it while taking environmental responsibility doing so.

This game is ~20 years old and, like Global Effect, features warning about our limited resources with a focus on ozone already.

Like many old games it can be played in a browser nowadays: (

@bekopharm Too bad it's in German, but I'm pretty sure @sean could use some inspiration from the screenshots for his own game!

@hypolite heh, it's not much text and probably a matter of hex editing :)


@hypolite @sean @bekopharm Alright, I'm understanding some of it but not enough to figure out exactly what I'm supposed to do nor to overcome the massive clunkiness of the controls.

@hypolite Could check on a Let's Play :) I've seen two on YT from a quick glance.

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