Oh wow. Having your (correct and only) answer force edited on stackexchange by random _man page police_ … I don’t think I like that 🤷 (beko.famkos.net/t/cv4)

@hypolite moar… closed it already. Some question about SELinux and apparently I didn't quote _enough_ of the man page. Like… it's hard to read that man page yourself 🤔

@hypolite @bekopharm They didn't alter anything to your answer except making it way more explicit, so I do not believe it is rude. Your answer looks better with the addition and you still get credit when it is accepted, I'd say it's a win-win.

@hypolite see, the idea that someone edits _my content_ out of nowhere strikes me alien. It's bewildering me and actually reduces my motivation to interact with this system.

I'd argue that the addition adds nothing but _more noise_ to dig through. With the pointer given anyone can flip that man page and check on the details. That one has to do anyway _to get the picture_.

…but again, what to I know 😩

@hypolite @bekopharm I don't view technical answers as original content that would be sacred from external edits. A technical answer can always be improved by adding more context, providing you aren't burying the actual answer too far, and I don't think it is the case here.

The reason why people use Stack Overflow more than actual man pages is that it is more convenient. This way they don't even have to get the picture. Assuming someone would read the man page after the read your original answer is hopeful and misguided. And while you can't force people to read the man page on their own, you can add its relevant portion to the answer, because it's the only agency you or the other StackExchange contributor have in this regard.

I do understand your frustration, but I believe it is unwarranted in this specific situation of an addition to a technical answer.

@hypolite Well I guess we can agree to disagree 😏

Thanks for your input anyway 👍


@hypolite fup, answer was accepted today - as expected 🤓

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