@bekopharm Friendica is quiete easy to host as it uses the LAMP stack. Plus, it federates with both Mastodon and diaspora.

@erik Understood. It's lacking some required Indieweb features tho.

@bekopharm I agree. The mentioned issues are old and I do not have much hope they'll get implemented anytime soon. (On my wordpress blogs I have the IndieWeb plugins enabled and of course it would be great to get webmentions from the fediverse)
@erik @bekopharm Mentioning these issues, however old they are, is a great way to put them back on our roadmap. I mainly work on what users are complaining about/wishing for, myself included, and I assign priority by severity/popularity.
@hypolite @erik @bekopharm It’s a good fit for #Friendica that’s also the 1% of the 1% of social media.
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