Could people please stop to pipe random news website feeds to unofficial bots?

That'd be great.

Social media is for people.

Subscribe to news at their sources, use a reader.

Cluttering the timeline with feed relays from foreign news outlets sucks. This IS spam.

And fck me how braindead are bots that post the freakin time to a medium that can only be read on a computer? You know, these fancy calculators that come with a built-in clock?

That was unexpected. Well I've no soundcloud or whatever. Mebbe go outside and plant a tree or something? 😄

I agree that there is some post pollution. However I don't think those news bots exist primarily for people to us them, but because someone enjoyed making them. Same with the fortune, markov and "is this a boob or not" bots. Creating them should not be discouraged. You can always go ahead and block the bots. :akko_shrug:

@bekopharm @fatboy Don't they usually post with the "unlisted" tag - so don't appear on timelines?

@neil Afraid no.

I'm not talking about nice bots or behaiving bots that tag their stuff so it can be ignored.

Global timeline is saturated with this and my killfile is growing each day.

@bekopharm Fair enough. I guess the sort of people that follow these bots aren't the ones who'd have a reader.

@neil Oh the numbers usually look like this:

6k posts, 0 following, 5 followers.

So yeah, "interesting chitter" 🤔

@bekopharm sorry, i like it very much. just mute them, if you don't.

@benni I do but they seem to multiply each day.

Can only image how this looks for someone new to the verse. A bot army in a town of craziness.

I wholeheartedly agree.

Furthermore, newsbots NEVER put content warnings, which make their posts a hell of a mess to deal with. I tried to contact the maker of a newsbot once, and all I got was crickets.

Can I get a human on the line, please? :blobugh:

@yuki Huh, you're correct.

Never thought of this before. I seldom [have to] use this feature myself and have disabled it for viewing entirely 🤷

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