Could people please stop to pipe random news website feeds to unofficial bots?

That'd be great.

Social media is for people.

Subscribe to news at their sources, use a reader.

Cluttering the timeline with feed relays from foreign news outlets sucks. This IS spam.

And fck me how braindead are bots that post the freakin time to a medium that can only be read on a computer? You know, these fancy calculators that come with a built-in clock?

I wholeheartedly agree.

Furthermore, newsbots NEVER put content warnings, which make their posts a hell of a mess to deal with. I tried to contact the maker of a newsbot once, and all I got was crickets.

Can I get a human on the line, please? :blobugh:


@yuki Huh, you're correct.

Never thought of this before. I seldom [have to] use this feature myself and have disabled it for viewing entirely 🤷

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