Every time we have a power outage our stove reminds me that some asshat out there gave it’s blessing to this non battery backed single knob operated clock (and date) settings dialog. Followed by “First time setup done – you can now use the product”

Some day I will find you. (

@bekopharm our oven has a lcd display that is slightly tilted due to its age - but this renders the display inoperable.

When we lose power, the oven's clock resets and you cannot use the oven without setting the oven's clock. So thats a bummer every time ;)

@bekopharm @comrad it may be faster to wait until midnight and reset the power switch...

@Moepmoep @bekopharm then still we have to touch the display to stop the clock from blinking. until then the oven does not work.

who designs these things??

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