I tried Fly Dangerous - an indie game in early alpha and a love letter to the Elite Dangerous racing community - on Linux PC and learned a lot on joystick remapping for Unity / SDL2 games: beko.famkos.net/2021/06/21/fly

@bekopharm Isn't your 3 screen setup… entirely stretched out? Doesn't look like I think it should on your photos ^^

@soaku maxed out the FOV slider. Dunno. Most games can not really deal with such a weird resolution well. Think I even edited the config to raise the limit even further to. 150 on this test. It's okay tho. Displays are slightly angled only and left or right are really just for the corner of the eyes. Screenshots can't really catch this. See my extreme multihead article for some photos.

@bekopharm i'm speaking about this photo in particular. The entire UI is stretched lol


@soaku yes. It's a "stretch" to support this in an early alpha :P

Here is what the dev said when confronted with the same issue but vertical: twitter.com/jayleefaulkner/sta 😂

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