Added a job to my feed aggregator/Microsub server that quickly validates mf2 media, i.e., the URLs that end up in entries’ `photo` and `video` arrays, by means of a HEAD request. If the server returns a 404 (or similar), the URL is probably faulty (e.g., the result of a misplaced `u-photo` tag), and the item removed from the list. No more (well, definitely less) “broken images” below posts!

#indieweb #microsub


Now to (optionally) stop X-Ray from removing these images from the post content (for select feeds and such).

Done. Well, almost, but it works—an optional feed setting that stops X-Ray from stripping images and the like from `photo` posts. (Most readers show these photos, grouped, at the bottom of a post. I mean, that’s how it’s in the spec, sort of. Anyway, not every site is aware/gets this right, and this addresses that.)

@bekopharm Haha, yes, I’ve finally come up with a way to work around that. I mean, the whole idea _is_ weird. Better to leave this up to reader software anyway. (Which is what happens, too: Indigenous, on my phone at least, does this for _every_ image, also for non-microformats, non-image posts. Super annoying when a longer article has image captions in it but the actual images are way at the bottom, with zero context!)

@jan well, at least I get someone motivated to hack something 😂 🤓

@bekopharm I think if “the IndieWeb” wanted people to use (semantic) HTML for content, for feeds, with microformats sprinkled on top, they shouldn’t tear that content apart because of how Instagram or whatever does it. Same way I dislike “channels” that are modeled after Slack. I mean, I think it’s good we extract metadata and offer that to readers so they can provide a richer experience; unsure about actually altering what people put together.

@jan true. I've that conflict all the time. For example when there is additional content for… a Like or Bookmark.

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