Added a job to my feed aggregator/Microsub server that quickly validates mf2 media, i.e., the URLs that end up in entries’ `photo` and `video` arrays, by means of a HEAD request. If the server returns a 404 (or similar), the URL is probably faulty (e.g., the result of a misplaced `u-photo` tag), and the item removed from the list. No more (well, definitely less) “broken images” below posts!

#indieweb #microsub


Now to (optionally) stop X-Ray from removing these images from the post content (for select feeds and such).

Done. Well, almost, but it works—an optional feed setting that stops X-Ray from stripping images and the like from `photo` posts. (Most readers show these photos, grouped, at the bottom of a post. I mean, that’s how it’s in the spec, sort of. Anyway, not every site is aware/gets this right, and this addresses that.)

@bekopharm Haha, yes, I’ve finally come up with a way to work around that. I mean, the whole idea _is_ weird. Better to leave this up to reader software anyway. (Which is what happens, too: Indigenous, on my phone at least, does this for _every_ image, also for non-microformats, non-image posts. Super annoying when a longer article has image captions in it but the actual images are way at the bottom, with zero context!)


@jan well, at least I get someone motivated to hack something 😂 🤓

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