Während das deutschsprachige #Fediverse bemüht ist, die deutsche Politik ins Fediverse zu bekommen, sind andere nicht sonderlich begeistert von 🤣

@bekopharm @kromonos And as we all know, you're the perfect example of adultness, totally not making a spaceship control panel in your basement.

@hypolite @kromonos I fail to see the connection between hobby and "ra ra, gov, bad"

@bekopharm @kromonos I mean, this instance block recommendation is misdirected and probably ineffective, but I don't see how mistrusting governments is a childish stance when they have been caught actively working against the people's interest time and again.

@hypolite @kromonos said nothing against that.

How about you watch yours and let this one be our business.

This instance is, you may believe it or not, run by the better part of _our_ gov. The part that wants secure computer systems and cares about customer protection and privacy.

Ra Ra.

@bekopharm @kromonos The German government may very well be an exception in this case, but this doesn't make the original behavior "childish". For many people who settled on Mastodon, "government-run" is bad news in ways that you and I have never experienced as straight white dudes.

It's good to take pride in what your government does right, but no matter what they still have the power to harm people on a large scale, and they regularly do so, even unwittingly.

@hypolite@friendica.mrpetovan.cWhite privilege? Fine, I play the Third Reich card, cuz this is my inheritance and I get that rubbed in my face daily whenever unjust happens anywhere on the planet. You think I need lessons on bad gov?

So some random person has an issue with local authorities and goes on a wild crusade to get any removed from "their" space - world wide just for… existing using their free speech privilege? Such oppression!

Worked out great last time someone went way over the top framing others like that 🤦

@bekopharm If only it had to do just with the Third Reich! Unfortunately, minorities aren't safe under pretty much all governments, especially recent ones. Again, Germany may not be the worst in that regard, but I still don't think this small-scope low-impact knee-jerk reaction in a space they get to control is "childish".
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