Did I already express my love for today?

Also it can’t get much more nerdy to catch up on recent events of fictional verses, like , on the go while sipping some coffee. (

@bekopharm I take the equivalent in-game-universe updates for Elite:Dangerous, and get them run through TTS and automatically spit out as a complete audio package with a fixed duration, to run on Radio Sidewinder ...

@bekopharm that's in-cockpit, not part of the streaming radio we run externally ...

@yojimbo never used that. Sorry. Spotify just wins.

Don't even have to tab out. It can be controlled via tablet or smartphone xD

@bekopharm Yeah, that works for a lot of people too. We enjoy running in-verse adverts & news, along with clan/faction adverts etc. but it isn't for everyone!

@yojimbo yeah. Would be awesome if that thing would run MPRIS2 🤓

Anyway, I'd also take a feed for that. Always.

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