I do not know who needs to hear this, but PSA: if you have a WordPress blog, you can install this extension to add ActivityPub support to your blog. It makes it possible to have people follow your blog via ActivityPub services such as Mastodon, receive new posts and interact with it.


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@danirod long term user here @beko

It has it's quirks but it is an awesome plugin. Just keep in mind it's still BETA.

"Favs" for example never show up.
PMs end up as comments - that may be unexpected.

And some others. For example it breaks the XRAY parser - so if you also do Webmentions you get into a lot of administrative overhead to get your own _out_ because this plugin has to be disabled until the Webmention is processed.

@bekopharm Yeah, it has some quirks. As an example, I tried re-following me again to test that it still works before writting my post, and I think I broke it because it is now "waiting to be approved" instead of instafollowing. 😅


@danirod heh, yeah, stuff like this. I'm also afraid to rename my writing account now xD

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