Rambling about having to use corporate Windows devices from time to time and how they are killing me inside. (beko.famkos.net/b/zQ8)

Wait what? Privacy Essentials ranks a site down (B+) if it does not **know** about Privacy Practices for a website provided by @tosdr?

That’s like almost all of the web minus some major players. That does not sound right to me.

(Needless to say that the own website is rated A.) (beko.famkos.net/t/y_G)

The realm of the dust bunnies declared independence today. Cleansing is imminent. (beko.famkos.net/p/vo_)

Lately my printer doesn’t feel so well. I wonder what it’s trying to tell me. (beko.famkos.net/p/vo2)

Oh. `catimg` is getting an update. What is that anyway? Checked it out and damn… that is nifty. You learn something new every day.

Today I scratched an itch I had with and . Every time I run it on my PC I have to drag around the window until it fills my 3 displays setup. It’s tricky because it’s a grown installations and the displays have different resolutions.

Gnome has smart borders auto-sizing windows when you come close to a border. Usually that’s awesome but in this case it’s not. `wmctrl` to my rescue!

Find out about current window position when satisfied: `wmctrl -G -l… beko.famkos.net/t/vQ_

Dear game studios, you’re killing my inner monk with this.
Various ways to spell a company name
And that’s just ~/.config/unity3d/, my $HOME looks even worse because almost nobody has an idea about $XDG_CONFIG_HOME 😠 (beko.famkos.net/t/sex)

Visited the theme park during a pandemic and managed to have fun even with masks and distance. An article and some images. (beko.famkos.net/b/qUi)

Visited Tripsdrill today. Masks, distance, pre purchased slot n stuff. Was fine but feeling very tired now. Only good thing about all this: no waiting times for the rides. Also happy and very sleepy children 😜 (beko.famkos.net/p/qUg)

Always check for current. There is always that one outlet connected to the fuse/circuits next room. Grown installations. (beko.famkos.net/p/qBs)

No idea who those two highly motivated kids are but this is how I always imagined it to be having kids of my own. Sent from my ugly sofa 😂 (beko.famkos.net/p/q4Y)

Human, the water vanished through this hole.

(Cat caught sitting in the bathtub looking up from the sink) (beko.famkos.net/p/ouV)

Heh, one of my hall house interpretations can be seen in a feature preview video of for and I think that’s awesome 😀

youtu.be/sK5nfWi2Zwk (beko.famkos.net/t/opQ)

There's a weird bug with (snap) on when using voice chat causing lag and freezes on the GUI due to log spam about an impossible to find file for the tray icon by the Appindicator - and a fix. (beko.famkos.net/b/oia)

Really happy to have this drooling old lazy cat (picture) back at home. Was afraid when he didn’t show up in days. (beko.famkos.net/p/nwT)

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