Hm. The current Uneo is way more bulky compared to the older Uneo. Has more features too. Also nice: Batteries can be removed and are now part of a system. Hope it packs the same power. Abused the old Uneo a lot and it eventually died. That was an awesome litttle machine 😅 (

Pulling the plug on my nvidia for an amd on my Linux PC with some benchmarks and background info. (

Timber! Kinda sad that we had to take some trees down but they started to overgrow and overshadow everything. We planted several new trees over the last years, of course. (

It amazes me again and again how much stuff I can throw into the without thinking twice. (

Nice, Web Version (WIP) went live today 😀

I was looking forward to this. It’s still feature limited (and requires beta access) but that is quite some milestone.

Let me know if you are in need of a beta key 🙂

Well, time to finish the work on my provider I guess 😀 (

*sheds a tear for the old DNS settings page at

Looks like they build an app to edit the zonefile. Glad there is an old-fart edit mode for overview and fast editing as well: (

Meanwhile at (well, tbf for ~22 days but let's don't nitpick) `unable to get local issuer certificate`. Also TLSv1.0 (FF SSL_ERROR_UNSUPPORTED_VERSION anyone 🤣). While fixing this I suggest to get another issuer. Full gore at

A baking experiment turned out wrong and we ended up with a huge pile of [tasty] crumbs. Kids were sad because they were supposed to decorate. This was my opportunity to try something out. (

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