I found github.com/Alia5/X4-rest-serve today and it makes me way to excited. Tricky to set up and "just" a proof of concept (that proofs very well) but look at this: with a REST server that lets you read (and partially set) additional gamedata more or less live. Awesome! Could plumb all sorts of stuff on that!

The little one (7) saved for a new toy camera. After doodling around with the camera she mentioned wanting to make “movies” so I gave her a little tripod and suggested to go for a Stop Motion one. She listened to the overall idea and vanished in her room. A day later I was presented with a SD card full with over 300 pictures of one scene each carefully adjusted over the course of three hours. A handcrafted cardboard building on the scene The scene
I’ve to say I am… beko.famkos.net/t/1V1x

Today I needed a specific _really_ old ESR version (don’t ask, answer may be unsettling) and look, stuff is all still on the Mozilla attic: ftp.mozilla.org/pub/firefox/re. Neat! Somewhat dusty but it still starts flawless (on a tmp profile, of course) 🙋 (beko.famkos.net/t/1SpY)

Kid found a hand glider and we got some wind today so.. hell, why not. Nobody tell me what to do for eastern 😂 (beko.famkos.net/p/1Qgi)

Manual says this play tower is built in 8 hours with two people. Me four days later: Mebbe with screws only. Getting there 💪 (beko.famkos.net/p/1Q_u)

Got to play over three displays on Linux and couldn't be happier with the result 🤓

Good enough. Now bathtub. Muscles are in pain (and I fell only once off the ladder 😅). (beko.famkos.net/p/1PfA)

Usually one has cats to get rid of vermin. One of ours decided that catching bread is easier. I’ve mixed feelings on this. (beko.famkos.net/p/1PAn)

Interesting. free-software-logo.codeberg.pa by @mray suggests a logo for Free Software. It’s licensed as CC0 (No copyright) for free use. This can be used to indicate / instead of using a company logo like e.g. from GitHub Inc., that may be used to _host_ free or open software but has a distinct logo of it’s own (the Octocat logo is a registered trademark).

It reminds me a lof of the Open Share and Open Source icon e.g. of the OpenWeb Icons set… beko.famkos.net/t/1NuP

How I got my Frankenstein DLC "Cradle Of Humanity" for Linux from GOG who still fail to produce the required packages for my system a full day after release. (beko.famkos.net/b/1Mob)

Wew. Apparently has it’s 2nd anniversary today and while it’s cooking slow it still exists 🙋

Very happy that they did not throw their ethics overboard when no investor could be found. (beko.famkos.net/t/1MZX)

Made use of the sunny weekend. Upgrades for the kids are coming. This is with the hope that they’ll play more outside (so I get more peace and silence inside 😜). (beko.famkos.net/p/1LE5)

I’m stone rich again 😜 now what to do with all the old stones I excavated from the garden? (beko.famkos.net/p/1L5S)

@yarmo dived into the archives today. This came with a handbook full of details and history lessons. The handbook is important, because MicroProse opted for a light copy protection by asking occasional questions on this. Haha, that's from an age were you needed a library card or similar to copy a piece of paper.

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