Submitted to IGDB to get my favourite space racing game a Twitch category. Hope they accept it 🙂 (

Good thing we were way too ~~lazy~~ busy to get rid of all the equipment. A lot of this will be very handy again now. (

That was fast. A patch landed in Proton Experimental and now it just works. How awesome is that?

on Linux with Vulkan. No more DX to Vulkan wrapper between 🎉

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So that was a surprise yesterday. Two weeks early but here we go 🎉. Mother and child are well and our little family grew once more. Don’t know what else to say. We all need more sleep at this point 😅 (

Hello my old friend. I came for your isolated walls again.

A room that can be heated is really nice when the day starts with 3°C. (

I'll probably do some more work on the Primary Buffer Panel later tonight at 20:00 CEST-ish over at

If you want a stream on Peertube to speak up, I've a proxy.

A new build landed in experimental of featuring a new engine version with Vulkan render. That’s of interest for me on Linux PC because I hope to gain some extra frames since the need to translate DX to Vulkan is void. It also suggest to backup the old save files just in case but figuring out the path to the saves isn’t very straight forward. Here it is for me…

🥱 LCD is finally attached. Guess it’s time to start some programming. The proof of concept is coming along nicely.

Time to catch my Zs.


So.. stream time tonight probably 20:00 CEST-ish. Will work on the Primary Buffer Panel now that I've some new parts. Feel free to tune in for some chatter.

Recap from the last making session of the button box for my which I also call from now on Primary Buffer Panel as a homage to Firefly (it's also a running gag in my family thanks to my old van). (

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