Electromobility works

Reflecting on going electric after several years of with our cars, the of our choice back in 2016. This is a review of the last years of driving - the good, the bad, the ugly.


Coverage requirements gas stations

Looks like Germany is about to require charger for at gas stations.

I'm not sure I like my near fluid and flamable operational materials. I hear this is dangerous. What if that stuff catches fire?



I'd like to write more about my daily experience. Problems, trouble, not working chargers, empty battery, not reaching my destination n stuff.. you know.

It's just that there aren't any - it just works 🐸


E-Mobility Gathering Horb

@ElectrifyBW invites to their 3rd gathering in 72185 / Germany. That's the perfect opportunity to talk about and ask [real] people about their daily .


Our electric vehicles in the wintertime. And our last combustor that wasn't moved in weeks.

10 months commuting with an made us ponder on . We considered the good and the bad. In the end we looked around for used cars nearby and last weekend we picked up another . My parents are also currently deciding between a and a . Guess our family fleet will soon be electrified.


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