This is your annual reminder for the 30 for 30 swordplay challenge starting tomorrow: (ye.. It’s FB 😑 ) (

Ich habe die letzten Tage den wöchentlichen Podcast von rein gesuchtelt. Der ist wirklich verdammt gut und empfehlenswert. Läuft gut nebenher rein wenn man gerade irgendwas geistloses arbeitet / spielt. Insbesondere die Interviews sind immer sehr charmant. (

TIL: Wales is so very backwater that they don’t seem to know about (or or or Boffer Wars or…). Some dude wearing obvious fantasy gear and a clear as daylight _FOAM_ stick gets jumped at gunpoint by police:
Hint: It’s not even a “fake sword” or a trainer (waster). It’s a _toy_.
I can relate btw. We did “train” with our toys in the park a decade ago already and police was curious but polite.
Later even with blunt steel.
They never…

Upcycled a beam for a new . I could reuse most of the old post parts so I went with the same design. (


The Sword – Form and Thought (ISBN 978-1-78327-427-7) is indeed a must-have for every sword enthusiast. Got my print years ago but I guess the recent prints are of the same fine quality.

When you want more cutting training for your but you spent all your money on Amazon packages... - rolled cardboard briefly dipped under water 😁

I notice a certain lack of ⚔️ in my mastodon stream.

Everytime I do my pell workout our cat shows up to correct my form and shows me how it's done.

I notice a certain lack of ⚔️ in my mastodon stream.


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