My first thought after reading by @killyourfm is: Yeah, just like the . Same issue. 2 Crucial Things Desktop Linux Must Do To Find A Larger Audience by Jason Evangelho Jason Evangelho (Forbes)
It’s time for better marketing, and it’s time to form Voltron. Also on (

WebSub Thoughts

I'm finally getting the idea of (or PubSubHubbub).

This helped a lot:

Shame that there are not many readers (specially foss) out there so I wonder if I should bother with this at all. Didn't like any of this short list (dogfooding and all) 😕

Still working on understanding the kinks of microformats2 and webmentions but I'm starting to get the hang of this.

Most of this is supported by the amazing IndieWeb plugin collection for Wordpress so much respect for people that roll their own.

Freeing from Facebook

I was late for this party anyway but getting off isn't that easy.

Cleverdevil has some good pointers on freeing yourself from Facebook but the suggested tool fb-export requires an AccessToken for the Graph API Explorer. For this one has to set up a developer account with Facebook.

That's not freeing [for me]. That's entangling even more because this step requires a phonenumber or cre


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