@hypolite @kromonos said nothing against that.

How about you watch yours and let this one be our business.

This instance is, you may believe it or not, run by the better part of _our_ gov. The part that wants secure computer systems and cares about customer protection and privacy.

Ra Ra.

@hypolite @kromonos I fail to see the connection between hobby and "ra ra, gov, bad"

Ahahahaa, thanks @Venn

I can't even… extensions.gnome.org/extension

> iNotch for GNOME Shell
> Add a useless notch to your screen.


@fuesstest wow. War wohl mal eine Dose oder so o0

Meine Güte, da ist ja nicht mal ein nennenswerter Hebel dran gewesen. So ein Mist. 🙄

@Chephe1 Heh, da spielt doch gleich wieder das Anfangs-Lied im Kopfradio 😆

@obsolete29 not really but curious for a PineTime.

SSH on my wrist sounds good to me xD

@obsolete29 "there's is no greater teacher than experience" or sth like that 😆

@obsolete29 no idea what you're using but the last thing you want is a mix of distro installed and manually "sudoed" packages somewhere in /usr/local or *gasp* $HOME

Been there. It was hell.

This is very easy on e.g. Fedora:

Where you can install NodeJS with a version to your liking this way:

> sudo dnf module install nodejs:14

See "dnf module list nodejs" for options.


(And NPM is bundled with NodeJS - you do not want incompatible versions here)

@obsolete29 don't! Leave it to your distro to update this together with NodeJS.

Thank me later.

@obsolete29 centralisation, for starters.

They block for example Webmentions because they look like a bot "for them". Say what? It's just a W3C recommendation but hey, they get to decide what makes it into _their_ network and what not, eh?

Fixed typo.

@dufthummel Gefällt mir 👍

…und falls jemand bei humanitärer Forschung helfen mag, und ohnehin den ganzen Tag Hardware laufen hat, kann das zum Beispiel weiterhin _seit über einem Jahrzehnt_ hier tun: worldcommunitygrid.org/researc

Malaria war auch schon dabei: worldcommunitygrid.org/researc

Somehow I forgot at least Everspace. I guess it's because it wasn't in my general screenshots folder 🤔

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Der @SchoenMuc@twitter.com hat seinen neusten Ausflug in ein Video gegosssen.

Gehst mal schauen!

youtube.com/watch?v=ZmXPuokzD2 (Sperrzone – Leben in Tschernobyl)

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