@nin "The accomplisht cook _ or, The art & mystery of cookery" is on Project Gutenberg.

…just sucks to download it from GER 🤔

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I wanted to take this time to once again thank every single being on fedi that posts pictures, even mundane ones, with image descriptions. Thank you for describing your screenshot, your drawing, your selfie, your cat. Seriously. Thank you. I'm not sure if you realize how much that means to me.

@zwovierzwo @Kajo hält aber die Mücken weg 😅 Ich mag den Geruch. Auch nen Tag später noch. Das wird auch irgendwie nicht alt.

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Watched The Social Dilemma now as well. Background music was annoying and distracting but overall a good one. Absolutely nails my own aversion against especially FB.

Kinda sad that there was zero talk about alternatives that do exist nowadays but I understand that the focus is on the big ads driven ones.


@ton I'm so wary of "services" by now :( Either it was an awesome journey tomorrow or it will become just like the service it replaced.

So think twice before flocking to the next big thing and yes as a golden rule see how a takeout can be done before committing to it.

For me it's self-hosted/syndicated or gtfo because I'm too tired of migrating everything again in just a few months/years :-)

WP plugin may be a way for WP users [like me].

@Downes @dajbelshaw @metbril

@dajbelshaw kinda weird to read about gdpr complaints from a website serving my request data to GA, FB, IG and alike on first visit without further notice (and missing imprint), huh? 🤔

@ed1conf same thought 😁 I mean I'd take two 😅

@celesteh making the best of the situation is really the spirit 💪

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