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TIL: Wales is so very backwater that they don’t seem to know about (or or or Boffer Wars or…). Some dude wearing obvious fantasy gear and a clear as daylight _FOAM_ stick gets jumped at gunpoint by police:
Hint: It’s not even a “fake sword” or a trainer (waster). It’s a _toy_.
I can relate btw. We did “train” with our toys in the park a decade ago already and police was curious but polite.
Later even with blunt steel.
They never…

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nice :peertube: instances we should follow with
they must comply ... not complain ... dont drink and write ... with our rules - e.g. moderate against illegal uploads/stolen content / porn / advertising/spam and all the usual stuff

Ah… okay. Google Authenticator got this update that allows export/import to new device.

Can anyone tell me how this works in detail?

I read nothing is stored in the Cloud. That's fine for me.

Is it all in the QR code displayed?

Asking because I'm going to factory reset and wipe my phone and I'm not looking forward to restore every 2FA token.

Boost appreciated.

Oh… checking again years later and it looks like never managed to release for . I understand this is the company building the ?

Very mixed feelings on this.

Done. Another week on level 1. Next week I'll start with level 2. This is great! I feel good.

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@bekopharm So you're really a special one 😃 A washing machine which (may I quote?) "dabbles in programming, administration, linux, gaming, historical european martial arts, reenactment, live action role play, e-mobility, carhacking". WOW!

Which also is into the IndieWeb and shows the IndieWeb to others via video conference 👍

Oh, wait! We then must be washing machines, too, otherwise we probably wouldn't be able to understand you 😅

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Oft nehme ich Dinge zu wörtlich. Schön das ich damit scheinbar nicht alleine bin.

Yessss. Finally. I can take serious:

> We’ve just launched OpenPandemics, a new research effort to help scientists at Scripps Research look for potential treatments for COVID-19. Please join us by contributing your computer’s power to the search.The World Community Grid team
> (

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Durch den Karlsruher Grat bin ich jetzt wieder an Fotos erinnert worden, die ich im Januar 2017 auf der schneebedeckten Hornisgrinde geschossen hab 😍

Jetzt erinnere ich mich auch wieder an . Kann man da auch zu jedem Bild ein paar (oder mehr) Sätze schreiben? Oder zu mehreren Bildern gemeinsam?

Ist es möglich, eine eigene Instanz auf netcup (Webhosting 2000) zu hosten? 🤔 SSH-Zugang ist vorhanden.

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Kann mich mal jemand zu meinem ersten #vServer an die Hand nehmen (virtualisierte Instanz bei Oracle Cloud)? Ich kann per SSH über eine öffentliche IP zugreifen, aber mit nix sonst. Installierte und laufende Server erreiche ich von außen nicht (netstat meldet diese verfügbar, z.B. :::80). Ich habe in der Config zum virtuellen Netzwerk Ingress/Egress-Regeln für SSH gefunden, und die äquivalent für die passenden Ports angelegt (TCP/UDP und Portranges stimmen). Was übersehe ich?

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Have to keep in mind that PHP support for Debian Jessie will end on 30. June 2020 in

That’s a highly underrated repository for PHP + (nginx|apache) packages by Ondřej Surý / @oerdnj for Debian (or Ubuntu).


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Heh, that brings back memories of the modding community – e.g. TheWall 😀

Also I did use the Hammer Editor for a school assignment demonstrating “CAD” and especially light calculations for 3D engines. Nobody of the auditors knew it was “just” Half-Life at all (no-gui ftw) 🤪😂

Spent half the night to wrap my head around this and finally getting somewhere with and and a loopback device so I can stream this "as fake webcam" over WebRTC in video conferences.

Getting this to run (and smooth!) on was a PITA. Who would have guessed. And all because I don't want a "streaming" service or some gorram gold membership in a specific video conference "app".

Expect an article!

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Ich hätte gerne bei diversen Versandhändlern eine Wahlmöglichkeit: "Nein, ich habe kein Interesse an Rabattgutscheinen von $Partnershops. Bitte müllt mich damit nicht zu."

Nevermind den drölften $Elektronikversand-Katalog - den ich immerhin noch als Türstopper verwenden konnte - aber so etwas hinterlässt bei mir als Kunde einen negativen Eindruck.

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