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Today came to a creaking halt in `` (Chromium Embedded Framework). It was slow for months. The Snap package refused to go until I wielded the `--purge` hammer. After reinstall it’s lightning fast again.

Death by Cache? (

> Fedora 33 Beta defaults to using nano

export EDITOR=vim

Out of my cold dead hands 😂

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falsehoods programmers believe 

Meanwhile, I'm working with a payment processor that requires a first and last name for credit cards. I'm doing a lot of sighing and shaking my head.

Evergreen link:

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ist eine Drückerkolonne. Ein mal dort gespendet und man wird mit bombardiert.
Mehrfach versucht (Mails, Twitter) das abzustellen, aber soskinderdorf ignoriert einfach sogar eigene Zusagen.
Was wir gespendet haben, ist für Spam drauf gegangen.

I’m doing a little experiment and want to show how fast a post can spread. Please share and subscribe!

Kidding. Don’t fall for this crap. Your timeline is yours. Keep it clean and sub only to stuff you like! (

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@jonk1969 Thank you for your awesome work. This game (and others in that line) are a huge part of my childhood memories and there is something satisfying to have this still sitting on my shelf that modern virtual only copies will never provide.

Human, the water vanished through this hole.

(Cat caught sitting in the bathtub looking up from the sink) (

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Keinen RSSFeed haben, aber sich Podcast nennen. Ahja.

Heh, one of my hall house interpretations can be seen in a feature preview video of for and I think that’s awesome 😀 (

This weekend will be a workshop for making friendly WordPress Themes:

Beginners without coding experience are also welcome and encouraged to attend. (

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Meine Dunstabzugshaube kann wohl mit einer App gesteuert werden. Der Sinn dahinter hat sich mir noch nicht ganz erschlossen, aber ich war neugierig. Also die dubiose "Wisen" App (die 2 von 5 Sternen hat) installiert. Die will gleich Zugriff auf den Datenspeicher, Location und Telefonieren. Zudem muss man sich mit einem "Social Media Account" oder Email/Telefonnummer registrieren. Auch das hab ich zähneknirschend mit einer Trash Mail gemacht ...

There's a weird bug with (snap) on when using voice chat causing lag and freezes on the GUI due to log spam about an impossible to find file for the tray icon by the Appindicator - and a fix. (

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Seems I've picked some fairly decent websites to interact with on a daily basis, according to Blacklight[1].

Only three have any sort of overt tracking to speak of. Though, they're pretty wild about it.

The most infuriating one is that *MY PUBLICLY FUNDED SCHOOL* is one of the worst offenders.


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Ein Freund mit wenig technischem Hintergrund möchte sich in #DataScience mit #Python einarbeiten. Was kann ich ihm da an online Ressourcen empfehlen? :boost_ok:

Really happy to have this drooling old lazy cat (picture) back at home. Was afraid when he didn’t show up in days. (

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I wanted to take this time to once again thank every single being on fedi that posts pictures, even mundane ones, with image descriptions. Thank you for describing your screenshot, your drawing, your selfie, your cat. Seriously. Thank you. I'm not sure if you realize how much that means to me.

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Watched The Social Dilemma now as well. Background music was annoying and distracting but overall a good one. Absolutely nails my own aversion against especially FB.

Kinda sad that there was zero talk about alternatives that do exist nowadays but I understand that the focus is on the big ads driven ones.

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