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Waterstones. Water. Stones. This is real. I didn’t believe it. They are really selling this.

We really deserve our asteroid. (

That was unexpected. Well I've no soundcloud or whatever. Mebbe go outside and plant a tree or something? 😄

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If you can't find it, start it yourself. So we're doing a meetup at tonight. 7pm CET in the MuMaLab hangout BBB.

Could people please stop to pipe random news website feeds to unofficial bots?

That'd be great.

Social media is for people.

Subscribe to news at their sources, use a reader.

Cluttering the timeline with feed relays from foreign news outlets sucks. This IS spam.

And fck me how braindead are bots that post the freakin time to a medium that can only be read on a computer? You know, these fancy calculators that come with a built-in clock?

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Kleiner Aufreger am Morgen gefällig? ;)

"Für Fernunterricht hat Kultusministerin Eisenmann nicht viel übrig. Insbesondere in Grundschulen sei der Unterricht mit einem Lehrer im Klassenraum unverzichtbar. Deshalb sollten gerade für die jüngsten Schüler nach dem 10. Januar die Schulen wieder öffnen."


ffs, nobody at home. Looking for someone fixing a water leak. I know it is vacation days. Nobody manages to write upfront on their website that they are closed until late January. Some even brag about 24/7 suggesting fixes even on xmas and are closed. Most didn’t even manage to update their “Recent News” site once over the whole year.

Want service? Crawl here!

This is why I started fixing everything myself in the first place. Tired of phoning and begging around…

Welp. Auto correct once more killed any sense in that.


Gods I hate typing on a mobile phone.

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Time to sleep. Watch child two to transform from a jumping ruberball info a crawling snail (due to a scratch on his leg). "I’m too tired to walk or go to bed" 😯 (

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Uhm... uh... this is a scary security vulnerability for a NAS: "A vulnerability allows remote attackers to read arbitrary files via a susceptible version of File Station."

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Oh, today's probably a good day to remind you I have a fun sci-fi book series for your e-readers!

On my Gumroad shop they're DRM free, pay what you want (including $0)

Amazon won't let me make them free, but they're affordable and DRM free (also print versions!)

@senfcall rescued our family talk this evening when our usual instanceS (pl) just wouldn't work. Smooth sailing from here.

> “Do youuu like my decorations"?

Our tree is not actually a tree. Also it’s there all year long and gets props depending on the season 😁 (

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Mebbe a piggy, not a dog 🤔

(I wasn't wearing my glasses!!1)

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"Du vergisst, dass die Internetwichtel die ganzen Pakete auch grad nochmal Weihnachtlich verpacken müssen"

betalars ~ 2020
(In einer Diskussion darüber, warum ein Mailserver lang zum responden gebraucht hat)

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Over the last year, I've helped thousands of software developers learn about web security and OAuth by hosting live and virtual workshops, and all this knowledge is now available as an on-demand video course!

📺 ➡

Humor found in a village during a brief car recharge break: Statue holding a dog, both wearing a mask. (

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