What app do you want as foss in the store?
Searching for new ideas.

@beli3ver @fdroidorg Ideally WhatsApp or a WhatsApp compatible chat client, and practically I've been using F-Droid for so long that I don't even know what I would want.

Maybe an updated version of Muzei?

@beli3ver @fdroidorg
A alarm clock that only turns off upon scanning a barcode (or some other thing that forces you to physically get out of bed). I used for a while but that only supports NFC.

Bonus points if it plays nice with gadgetbridge and my new Mi Band 2 😀

@beli3ver @fdroidorg Are you looking to build a new app or help package an existing one?

@beli3ver @fdroidorg the developers of have had trouble getting F-Droid builds to work and have called for people to help out.

@beli3ver @fdroidorg I feel like it's a shame that InterRail's rail planner app isn't available:

Given that its goal is to get more people to travel by train in the EU, I feel like it would make sense for them to open source it. And since it's mostly offline and hence doesn't need Play Services, it could be on F-Droid.

@philippemargery @beli3ver @fdroidorg wan't to delete gapps soon, would be great to have #Wire in #fdroid!

For Firefox: search for "Fennec", it's based on latest Firefox with some non-foss stuff removed. Firefox Focus is also in fdroid.

@niklassenpai @philippemargery @fdroidorg delete gapps then installiert aurora store Form @fdroidorg then installiert wire no more gapps

Looking at aurora store. "apk" scared me. Need to be a techie to ru this stuff?
@niklassenpai @fdroidorg

What I miss most (before leaving Google for good):

· Calendar: similar to 'Business Calendar 2'; Calendar by Simplemobiletools is nice but lacks lots of features.
· Weather radar: like 'Rainy Days' on Google Play.
· Bike Sharing: 'Veli Velo' is great; OpenBikeSharing has quite a bad UI.
· Withings scale: something like 'Libra' on Google Play.
· TV program
· Sonos controller
· Signal and Threema...

And another important one I really miss on F-Droid is ' (plus)'!

I know about QuickDic, but it just can't compare to (especially on the quality of translations).

@beli3ver @fdroidorg I tried finding a FOSS Zip/7z/rar un/archiver in android but I failed...

I wanted to port debian unrar-free (they already have an ARM binary) or the p7zip but uuuh I am not good enough to do that, yet (if ever)
A good zipper would be a Godsent to many people, I think!

@beli3ver @fdroidorg
- As a maintainer? (Then briar, and typora, please!)
- As an app developer? (Then the tiny but powerful Psion 5mx (epoc) database rebuilt for Android (or maybe rebuilt for everywhere, like based on html5, css, sqlite etc.)

@schusterjunge @fdroidorg there is a briar APP in fdroid vor du you mean there a looking for new developers?

@beli3ver @fdroidorg Oh, sorry, I didn't know that there already is a way to install briar via f-droid (after adding an extra repository to f-froid). That said, I must still regret thot noone can find briar via f-droid's search input field.


Is that Briar that good.

I think, I tried it once & uninstalled.

Whats your word that app

@noorul I didn't try briar yet, and true, I'm expecting lots of hassles. But look, they are trying to do an encrypted p2p messenger with no-internet fallback! That's incredible!

Certainly, amazing to have p2p, serveless communication.

I have downloaded it. Will try out.

So do you.

There are some useful apps in F-Droid archive which would be nice to bring back and update: INSTEAD, ScummVM, Simon Tatham's puzzles. Also I'd be happy to see some more self-contained productivity apps allowing to make or improve libre content. For example, there's Vespucci, but it's only useful for specific outside surveying. There's Stringlate, but I can't test my translations right away. Working Bugzilla client would be nice too.

@beli3ver @fdroidorg I am missing a Timetable-App: A horizontal, linear, endless and scalable timeline to visualize past and future events. Elements should be grouped and linked, and enriched with additional information, links and media. Could be useful for all kinds of chronicles and CVs or also for structured planning of projects.

Ersatz für:
· #Evernote: hab schon #Joplin getestet, aber ich muss unbedingt #Notizen teilen und gemeinsam bearbeiten können
· #Koomot: ist mir bisher nichts vergleichbares als #FOSS bekannt

und was schon genannt wurde:
· #Kalender: similar to #BusinessCalendar 2'; Calendar by #Simplemobiletools is nice but lacks lots of features.

@beli3ver @fdroidorg I'd like to see Free42 (a re-implementation of the HP-42S Scientific Programmable Calculator and HP-82240 Printer, GPLv2, in F-Droid.

@beli3ver @fdroidorg wikivoyage offline. Indispensable for traveling

@beli3ver @fdroidorg I'm still wondering why there is no FOSS-version of the great Pl@ntnet project ("shazam for plants"). They have a open API, so it shouldn't be complicated.

@beli3ver @fdroidorg I'd love a really simple podcast organiser which works and just sort of rss'es subsciptions and somehow allows for higher playback speeds (or simply links to external player w/ that feature - which I also don't believe exists there).
The ones in there now just bugs out on me.

i'd like to have the plus messenger as foss app. plus is waaaay better than native telegram

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