is there anybody out there who wants to help me develop the Debian Sourceslist Generator? Can not stand it alone anymore.

To do:

- move to new server
- register TLD (.org)
- move from to
- integrate categories
- fully API
- support /
- ...

@beli3ver yeah, I am not so much the python type. I like the php version. What's the reason for a change?

@marcus we can do it in PHP too. I want to use more frameworks to make it easier in the future. But have no experience with PHP frameworks or JS frameworks.
Want to go away from the database use json files to store the repos to make it easier and faster for the API

@beli3ver can't it be done purely in front end? Obviously this would irritate no JavaScript guys but why server when bucket would do.

@jacek I have thought about it. Maybe with vuejs or stuff like that. But I have no experience with it that was the reason for

@beli3ver This should be more or less straightforward, like 4 hours for a person that did vuejs, and 2 days for person that gets javascript and has no vuejs experience (speaking from experience ;) ).

If you want to take this route I might help or just do it over some weekend just for fun.

@jacek yeah. I would to it with to learn something new. Thanks for your help. I will let you know when I need you :awesome:

@beli3ver Glad to help.

Some pointers:

1. Generate your project using this: I totally don't get grunt, webpack and other stuff, but vue-cli just magically makes-it-work :)

2. Don't be afraid of single file components (they say they are super advanced, but they are approachable).

@beli3ver @jacek

I'd recommend nuxtjs in SPA mode. Nuxt is the best framework for view, even when you're not using it for its server-side rendering. Deploying is easy too, they have deployment guides in their docs.

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