Today I would like to give you a financial incentive to work with . If you have a account, you can register here and receive money from as a thank you, depending on your rank and the amount of processing. Maybe we can finally bring the maps up to date. You need a bitcoin address to recieve money.


hilfreiche Apps um bei OSM fehlende oder falsche Einträge zu ändern/ergänzen/melden

StreetComplete (OpenStreetMap-Landvermesser-App) -

Vespucci (Bearbeitung von Geodaten und Mitarbeit am OpenStreetMap-Projekt für unterwegs) -

#OSM #OpenStreetMap #StreetComplete #Vespucci


Ich habe kein Bitcoin Konto, habe aber den Aufruf genutzt um mich dem Thema anzunehmen und soeben meine ersten Beiträge zu OSM gemacht. 🎉

@beli3ver Please understand that paid (commercial + private) contributions are pretty controversal within the OSM community. One fear is that people might start fake contributions to boost their statistics, but without improving the data quality.

@beli3ver the intention, if I recall it correctly, was not to make it as a "financial incentive", but instead a way of saying thanks to fellow contributors. The amount is good for a coffee or a beer (depending on where you're from).

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