Does anyone here use ? Maybe even the ? Should I make an update there again? What features would you like to see?

@beli3ver The team still struggles to get it usable on the Pinephone so I don't use it well and I really like Phosh but there are still a good amound of users and specially with Lomiri we could see those apps running in other DEs at some point to so if you want to do so I am sure a update would make sense and find it's fair share of users .

@beli3ver I would be happy if you could simplify the set-up. I have #uAdBlock installed, but I never activated it, because I am unsure about the settings:
1st, there is a warning on the startpage. How risky is the app? What does it mean that it changes the filesystem? Can I undo these changes?
2nd, there are many blocklists. Which ones are good/recommended? Is it recommended to select all? Or is it even risky to select all?
Such guidance for the user would be great.

@beli3ver more than features, I think that I'm looking for better blocker: I still see ads or space taken by ads, even with many filters enabled.
Also, I don't know if trackers are nicely blocked, but blocking would be nice :D

@beli3ver I am using uAdBlock! Happy to hear you're still working with it.

I second that a simplified set up would be nice - I felt like there was a lot of guesswork involved when I wanted to set it up as a normal ad blocker, and I have no idea what the lists I chose really are.

Other than that it's working well for me, and I'm very happy. :)

@sab it looks like that many people have problems with interface so I thought it was to recreate interface and simple setup and an advance one

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