Hey @ExtinctionR when are you gonna "reflect and learn" on the fact that you have accomplished nothing but articles on The Guardian at the expense of getting hundreds of young activists arrested?


@EarthStrikeInt disruption of traffic is direct action in this case. @ExtinctionR


The way XR does it is definitely much more symbolic action than direct action, bro. Not that there's not a place for symbolic action but come on not at the expense of getting hundreds of activist thrown in jail with little to know structures of dealing with them after they're imprisoned.

@EarthStrikeInt @benni @flo I was asking myself if they have any anti repression structure yet. do you have any information on how the imprisoned people get supported?

@unsuspicious @EarthStrikeInt @benni on the first point, there nothing called anti repression circle. That would fall under regenerative culture/wellbeing maybe.

In terms of imprisonned people, no one has been sent to jail to serve time as far as I know.

There is a structure in place for arestee support were people wait outside police station with food, a hug and maybe time to get a coffee.
This is both happening at centralised and affinity group level

@unsuspicious @EarthStrikeInt @benni we have hardship fund that would go towards fine if they were to materialise at the local level (so within the 10-20 affinity group we have here).

We also provided arestee with burner phones, bust cards with instruction and have a system for what to do with their belongings when they get arested.

We all have each other emergency number to call in our affinity group in case somthing happens to us.

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