I just read the sentence "Paperclip uses the Cocaine gem for sanitizing the command-line when shelling out." in a Github issue and I thought I was having a stroke

capitalism but every time the system almost collapses under the weight of its own contradictions it gets faster

There is a very smooth spot on the back of my neck, and I've been wondering for weeks why it's there. Just now I realized that it's where the barbell sits when I squat, so I've been inadvertently exfoliating a small patch of my neck a couple times a week.

@Gargron look, william shatner couldn't find lance ulanoff, and lance ulanoff is the killer feature of mastodon dot toot

maybe the point of life *isn't* to accumulate wealth and capital but instead to have a nice time with your friends and loved ones and help others do so too

running a federated mastodon behind a .onion is like wearing green camo at the shopping mall

So, #infosec and others who are making bots here. You may not realize, but those bots are pollution of the public timeline. At a MINIMUM, how about putting a content warning around the toots your bots make? I think an even better idea would be putting those bots on an instance of their own. You'll still be able to subscribe to it but you won't be spewing things on the PTL.
There was a thriving community before we got here, and we're trashing their space.

E2E is only as trustworthy as the endpoints:

Undercover NYPD infiltrated small groups of Black Lives Matter activists and gained access to their text messages, according to newly released documents obtained by the Guardian. ...

...Undercover officers were able to pose as protesters even within small groups, giving them extensive access to details about protesters’ whereabouts and plans.


My first hot take here on Mastodon: That Pepsi ad was Not Good.

I'm originally from Ohio, which is one of the best places to be from.

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I got my MA in Arabic language and literature at the Ohio State University and my BA from the same, majoring in Arabic and Cultural Studies and minoring in Security and Intelligence.

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Before that, I was a college advisor for a non-profit in San Antonio, and before THAT, I was an instructor of English as a second language and Arabic.

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I'm a student of UX research and design at the School of Information at the University of Texas.


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