#Mixing question for any #audio and #recording pros or experienced amateurs out there:

I'm recording metal guitars (two guitar channels per side, close mic and direct) as diagrammed below.

Guitar 1 Mic 80%L
Guitar 1 Direct 60%L

Guitar 2 Mic 80%R
Guitar 2 Direct 60%R

Just tried this alternate mix

Guitar 1 Mic 80%R
Guitar 1 Direct 60%L

Guitar 2 Mic 80%L
Guitar 2 Direct 60%R

It sounds fuller to me, but I was worried it would be muddy. Any reason I should not use this alternate mix?



Does it sound good? Don't overthink it. People worry way too much about some hypotheticals instead of how it sounds.

Without hearing it I would think that both guitars would sound very centered. Does it sound good that way? Are they both playing the same thing? That would make a big difference in how much I'd like it.

Did you phase align the DI and the amp? If not it might sound fuller panned simply because of that. Phase align them and see if you like it better.

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