You know how Windows groups taskbar buttons when the taskbar becomes crowded?

What if your timeline could do the same thing for high volume tooters?




I was just thinking my timeline is overrun with a couple of people.

I like what they post, but damn, take a breath.

@bongo_x same. so I end up unfollowing people that I've had really positive interactions with. super frustrating.

and I don't want to tell anyone how to use mastodon; I just want tools to handle the craziness 😂


I don't really think there is a technical solution, if those toots were grouped I just probably wouldn't bother reading them.

Some of these people just need to slow down a bit.

@bongo_x "Looks like you've posted every 5 minutes for the past 9 hours. Do you have a pet that needs a walk or something?

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