I have no idea what Bunnings is, but I assume it's related to my saying "The is no such thing as a single trip to the hardware store"

An internet search tells me I am correct.


So no hidden gold in them?
Looks like there's refurbished ones listed at Newegg, Staples, etc.


I could actually use a mixer that's also an interface, the recorder wouldn't be something I'd probably use. But it looks great. I wonder how it sounds?


It looks cool. I kind of want one but have no place for it.


I need to get back into going to meeting soon.


I also won the last US Presidential election by the biggest margin ever.


I don't really think there is a technical solution, if those toots were grouped I just probably wouldn't bother reading them.

Some of these people just need to slow down a bit.


I was just thinking my timeline is overrun with a couple of people.

I like what they post, but damn, take a breath.


I need to go back to that.
I remember liking it way more than I thought I would.


I've never seen it, but yeah.
I block so much of the internet I surprised I see anything at all.
Anything I can't see I figure it's just meant to be.

I still get caught off guard, like when today someone said something about ads on twitter.

"Twitter has ads?"


I haven't looked at my local timeline, or the global, since the first few days. I just followed a bunch of people and that's my timeline, just like twitter.

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I wanted everyone to go back to saying "tip" rather than "lifehack" but apparently we should go further 


It's kind of late, but send me directions and I'll be right over.


I had to look that up.
The worst part about not being able to eat gluten is delicious holiday breads. I can find or make gluten free brownies or what have you, no one is making gluten free fruitcakes and panettone.


So fun telling people from other countries about US healthcare, especially when they're complaining about theirs. Even the ones that have visited a lot don't quite comprehend it.

2 of us. about $650 a month each, with a $6500 deductible each.

And yes, we still have to wait weeks or months for an appointment (which I've heard a lot of people from the UK complain about), we just have to pay for it too.

Paid hundreds of thousands in in my life, they've rarely paid for anything.


Does it sound good? Don't overthink it. People worry way too much about some hypotheticals instead of how it sounds.

Without hearing it I would think that both guitars would sound very centered. Does it sound good that way? Are they both playing the same thing? That would make a big difference in how much I'd like it.

Did you phase align the DI and the amp? If not it might sound fuller panned simply because of that. Phase align them and see if you like it better.

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