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Shit, I was regretting not having seen Bowie or Prince live before they died, but you just reminded me I saw Tin Machine back then.


They sound great, but every couple of years I hear "Take the long way home" or "Give a little bit" and think "I've got to listen to more Supertramp!". Then I do and remember, oh yeah, I only like those 2 songs. But they're good songs.

It's Dougie Thomson.

Strongly held Musical Opinion 


Bass parts you don't notice at first that make the whole song; It wasn't until probably 15 years ago that I heard Supertramp's "Take the long way home" with fresh ears and realized half that song is the bass.


Unreliable narrator is pretty much my favorite thing in movies, books, because it's realistic to me. Everyone is an unreliable narrator.


Agreed. I haven't used Google anything in years, or Amazon, and never used Facebook.

It's really weird to me when people act like that's impossible, or I'm making some huge sacrifice. I don't even think about it and it's not an issue.

us pol

It's a tough call. Not that I'd mind living somewhere else, but I've had many discussions about staying and fighting. It's a good position, but no one said to people escaping Nazi Germany "you should have stayed and fought".

I really didn't want to live in a period of history that will be written about with amazement. I liked liked living in the boring part that the history books will skip over.

us pol

I've had discussions about leaving or staying and fighting. The truth is it would be very hard financially , if not impossible, for me to leave the USA. That scale could tip though.

I also think the future may be very bleak. As in "why didn't they get out?" bleak.

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I got one (and a new battery from OWC for dirt cheap). Unfortunately I didn't read well and had the 5th Gen 30 gig (and replaced it with the same when I broke it), pretty much the worst version to use for this update.


What year is that? There's probably video of me from the 80's playing those same songs in bars.


The world has gotten shitty in the last year, and it may be quite a while before it gets better.

I'm not just being pessimistic, history tells us life is just like that. This is probably the beginning of a dark period.


It was probably extra good for you.
You've increased your hit points.

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Anyone observing Mitch McConnell or Paul Ryan today must surely be able to tell that he never expects to have to face another free and fair election.

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Ha! We think anything below mid 60's is cold. My wife thinks ATL has winter. Can't say I've loved any part of Pacific NW I've been too, except Vancouver CA, but humans can't afford to live there.

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If ABQ is too hot then Tucson is no good for sure. I don't know how humid Austin is, but that matters a lot to me, more than temp.

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I thought about Phoenix for a while, but couldn't find what I wanted and got turned off. I don't love it, that's for sure. It's kind of Orange Co. CA with no beaches. Not my vibe.

Pluses are; jobs, it's affordable for a big city, has everything, traffic is not terrible for it's size.

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