@sir its export options are pretty good and the tables feature is really nice to have. the rest of it i can't deal with—agendas, life management, etc. way too complex, overwhelming to the point of anxiety. i don't have the time or mental bandwidth to keep up with that (or much of emacs' features for that matter)

for notes i tend to go back and forth between org, asciidoc, markdown, homegrown text file, etc. if it's something i need to export to pdf quickly, i will usually turn to org

@mkhl this is what happens to me every six months or so when i decide to start using acme again. i get overwhlemed and frustrated chasing the very opposite (pure yellow-tinted editing placidity), nuke it all and go back to my minimal terminal/vim system. then i become frustrated with all the keystroking and the whole process loops back around again.

@neauoire @khm You can use the `Dump` command to make different dump file for different projects.

@federico3 @toffy @sir sadly, lobsters turned out to be a disappointment in itself, despite it starting off as a more technically-focused alternative to hn. the pedantry makes me dizzy

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Here's a neat example of mycelium-mediated translocation:

The first image shows a single cluster of Pleurotus ostreatus mushrooms (weighing 380 grams). The cluster grew from a hole with a 5 mm diameter.

The second photo shows the backside of the cluster. The small knob in the center was molded by the hole through which it grew. All that mass through such a tiny hole in the span of 5-6 days.

Network architects would be wise to observe the lessons of the mycelium.

@julienxx@mastodon.sdf.org been thinking about getting a few for this purpose... what don’t you like about them?

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Modern web browsers seem like they were designed by someone who saw a document retrieval system and said, “How can I make this more like TV?”

tree peony opening over the course of this week. amid all the nonsense and lies, truth and beauty flourish, if you know where to look.

@sir he’s a bit too young but I’m happy to test for him until he catches up :)

@sir I'm so happy to see someone as no-BS/quality-focused as you giving such attention to accessibility. My son is blind and the state of computing for him generally looks bleak at the moment. Thank you for the work you do all around.


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