I thought we had already reached the bottom of the barrel as far as blockchain technology is concerned. but apparently it was a barrel drifting across the sea over the Mariana Trench. so apparently miners are now starting to buy up HDD/SSDs for a eco-friendly bitcoin competitor named Chia thats based on Proof of Space and Time. Please don't use blockchain technology unless necessary! a article DE

Running my .net project in Rider: Everything works without a Problem

Running the same project with dotnet run -v diag:
Build succeeded
Unhandled exception
Dump back to shell without any further information.

WTF. I guess I'm going to do debug this thing with print like i don't know how to use a debugger o.o

rant, dev, strings in json 

I am currently working on my graduation project and found this. "{\"phone\":\"+4968543608572\",\"country\":\"DE\",\"prefix\":\"49\",\"number\":\"68543608572\"}" this string is expect when you want to have a phone number for a customer in the system of a service provider that works via a JSON API. I am not kidding.I can't for the life of me understand why they do it this way, it's such a pain to work with. the picture below shows my best solution, feel free to criticise

covid self test 

Corona selftest in progress. My school now two week's after opening offer's students the opportunity to do a selftest once a week.

What would be an interesting language that I could use for a project? I currently don't have a project in mind just a bunch of random ideas.

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petition to remove human rights from boulevard press "journalists"

if you badger someone by finding out their address and show up there and ring the doorbell for a long time so this person can't sleep properly, you deserve no sleep yourself either

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Sätze oder Aussagen, die mit "Datenschutz behindert" beginnen, deuten meist darauf hin, dass Verantwortliche Ausreden für die eigenen Versäumnisse/Inkompetenz suchen.

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Der Mord an #BreonnaTaylor in Louisville, USA, durch die Polizei ist heute ein Jahr her.


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tech vent 

Here's an intersting cognitive bias:
Windows screws something up - "I have computer problems"
Linux screws something up - "I have linux problems"

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just because something is legal doesnt mean its ethical and vice versa.

i will not notify a surveillance capitalist company of a breach so they can wipe it under the rug. i will make sure it gets exposed. i dont get how you could think letting them just silently fix this would be more ethical.

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The USA needs to be undone so badly, this country is one of the leading causes for a lot of trouble around the entire planet

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Seit vielen Jahren lobbyiert die Musikindustrie für die Einführung von Netzsperren.

Jetzt verkündet sie, es fast geschafft zu haben.

Netzsperren sind ein gefährlicher Eingriff in die offene Architektur des Netzes.

Die Gefahr des Missbrauchs als Zensurinfrastruktur ist hoch.


personal problems, other lack of social skills and friend's 

I need more Friend's than just one and i don't know how to get them. my social skills are close to no existed to the point i'm helplessly lost with almost any social contact. I all ways try to avoid soical situations/events do to the fact that it's extremely exhausting for me so i end up feeling out of place and lonely, not knowing anyone or what to even do with my self except leave. so instead I isolate myself for most of my life.

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religion tech shitpost 

The :archlinux: bishop

network attach storage, backups, technical problems 

I think my NAS just died. I was copying some files and it just crashed and doesn't seem to think about doing more then loading the BIOS and nothing after that. Thankfully all file's that i'm likely going to need are also on my new Nextcloud server! so the NAS was mainly for backup's and long term storage. knowing i can't make backup's of everything makes me slightly nervous, but if this happed a day earlier and i wound now have massive problems.

Eienen Nextcloud Server auf einem VPS hosten. Wäre das eine gute Idee oder lieber warten bis ich den auf eigener Hardware hosten kann? Und welche Anbieter von VPS's wären empfehlenswert?

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if your cat often bothers you at your computer and walks all over your keyboard, it's because they're trying to join you and do what you're doing. It's a sign of affection! One way to mitigate disruption without pushing away your cat is by buying your cat their own laptop and plugging it in next to yours. make sure the laptop has wifi, a VPN, and access to the darkweb

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@c6ristian that was surprisingly easy and not intimidating when compared to LineageOS. The installer exactly tells you that to do and takes care of everything else besides a few things like downloading to image you want to flash. At this point, thanks to everyone who contributed to the likely countless Projects that were used.

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