Seriously, Lenovo? I really like(d) your small tenkeyless keyboard (KU-1255), but equipping it with a micro USB plug for the cable which wears out in like no time, AND glueing the keyboard with its alloy base plate to the case is just ridiculous. Even if I get it out, the alloy base will be deformed FUBAR. So you want me to crack open the case just to replace a bloody USB connector? Sorry guys, that's another very bad rating on the sustainability scale....

@carpenoctem They simply dont want you to repair something. But thanks for the info, so i know which Keyboard not to buy.

@bjoerns It's such a pity: the kbd is thin, light and great in haptics, just like the old IBM thinkpads with Mouse stick and buttons. But as we know from lenovo, durability of devices has been the first thing they dropped after purchasing IBM's PC devision.
I still wonder why there are so few tenkeyless keyboards, and only at such high price level. Already considered chopping off the numpad of some standard HP kbd but the electronics are in the way. 🙄

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