🎉You are amazing. We did it! 🙌

Today, our #crowdfunding campaign comes to an end, as we reached the 250% limit. And it's all because of you!!!
Thank you for your support and for joining our journey towards a fairer tomorrow. Together #WeAreFairphone @Oneplanetcrowd@twitter.com

Congratulations for this successful #crowdfunding campaign helping to create a better world with fair job conditions and responsible use of resources of our planet.

Some of our members are glad to use a Fairphone with opened hardware for their daily communication.

We are promoting maglev systems which also can save material for wheels and brakes and tracks with a lifetime of approx. 80 years due to contactless movement - unlike train rail wheel system.



@gfm @Fairphone
Many good ideas come from Dutch people.

For example, I recently found via internet the Stichting Freedom of Mobility (Stichting FroM), fighting for a ecological traffic turn and also the use of maglev trains for more sustainability:


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