A gouple of days ago my coffeemachine had to go in behalf of more space for fruits and vegetables. Best decision.

@MrVocalplay oh man, you have toots i can talk about :ablobcatattention:
I ditched my coffemaker years ago. I have a temp adjustable electric kettle, an old school ceramic melitta filter holder and reuseable cotton filter. Since the kettle has multiple uses i can :awesome:

@chran oh wow. I would love to learn about minimalism 😄
I ditched coffee nearly completely couple of month ago, so the decision wasn’t really hard. And when I want one I can brew it by hand.


@MrVocalplay i tried ditching coffee, but a cup from time to time is nice :mastoblush: . Here is my setup (the kettle is complete stainless steel on the inside because hot plastic doesn't sound good to me :blobcatdrool: ):

@chran really nice.. and everything reusable, love it.
I have filters which I don’t use anymore and my frenchpress got reused for tea :D

@MrVocalplay Frenchpress tea... I learn new things everyday. Doesn't the tea get bitter (green tea for example) or do you pour the whole frenchpress when the tea is done?

@chran it doesn’t get bitter.. but if so I’m fine with it :D At the moment I often drink peach tea.. so it’s getting more sweet at best 😂

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