We updated the app package for Gitea:

• Update Gitea to 1.7.6
• Prevent remote code execution vulnerability with mirror repo URL settings (#6593) (#6595)
• Allow resend of confirmation email when logged in (#6482) (#6487)


We updated the app package for NodeBB:

• Update NodeBB to 1.12.1
• update unban logic/invocation and refactor User.bans module (3fbb6fa)
• add original sessionID to static:user.loggedOut (abe4abb)
• don't crash if templateData is undefined (eb2c3e5)


We updated the app package for FreshRSS:

• Update FreshRSS to 1.14.2
• Fix minor code syntax warning in API #2362


We updated the app package for Collabora Office:

• Update loolwsd to 4.0.3
• Update code to 4.0-2


We updated the app package for Kanboard:

• Update Kanboard to 1.2.9
• Add Slovak translation
• Update translations
• Changes search by reference to case insentive
• Add missing webhook event: task.move.project
• Add new actions to reorder tasks by column


We updated the app package for Minio:

• Update miniot to 2019-04-04T18-31-46Z
• (security) fix privilege escalation against inter-node communication
• (security) Validate if bucket names are internal
• canonicalize ETag correctly


We got our own Cloudron forum section Netcup now forum.netcup.de/anwendung/clou
Great to be onboard! If you didn't know yet, Cloudron is available as a pre-built image at Netcup. Give it a try through netcup.de/bestellen/gutschein_

We updated the app package for Redash:

• Update Redash to 7.0.0
• All data source options are now encrypted in the database
• [Full changes](github.com/getredash/redash/bl)
• We added Apache Drill, Uptycs and a new JSON data source. Also fixed a few bugs in Athena's query runner and others.
• Dashboard Parameters
• Run only the highlighted query text


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