Cloudron v5.4 is out and basically already rolled out to all :-) If you are curious we added backblaze support, , a filemanager and more! Check out our blog

We really enjoy using every day to handle all our tickets! And today a new app package was released 馃檪

If you find any issues with Cloudron, the process for reporting is outlined at

If your Cloudron has already updated to 5.4 then let us know if you hit any issues or have ideas how to improve the new initial filemanager we have now built-in!

We will be doing an intermediate release 5.4 prior to 6.0 since some features are already in good shape

We are proud about how well our update strategy works for our users. This is crucial for servers to stay secure and allows us to iterate quickly :-)

Cloudron v5.3 is out! New storage provider, LDAP group sync, a new app catalogue view and many improvements!

Our latest release now also supports LDAP or ActiveDirectoy group sync, for example with Okta JumpCloud or soon univention !

We reworked our app catalogue in the Cloudron dashboard. Hopefully you like it as much as we do 馃檪 (part of new version 5.3 of course)

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