We are in the process of publishing our Cloudron app build service as a Cloudron app! This enables everyone to build custom app packages without having to install docker or other dependencies locally :-) Follow the status at forum.cloudron.io/topic/1979/u

Help your peers to become self-hosters with Cloudron! For this, have you seen our referral program yet? cloudron.io/referral.html

Did you know we recently published the PrivateBin privatebin.info app? All data is only visible to the browser itself not even for your server! cloudron.io/store/info.private

was never simpler. With Cloudron everyone can run and maintain apps effortlessly. Try now even with various free credits from our great partners like cloudron.io/get.html

Cloudron is now an official installation target for


Thanks for the Kimai team support to get the package done!

And as always we will ensure your Kimai installation will be kept up-to-date

Our Cloudron surfer app for serving up static assets just got support for access tokens to publish assets through a CI/CD pipeline! We will publish a step-by-step guide how to do this soon cloudron.io/store/io.cloudron.

If you want to take back control over your business data and get started with , make sure to checkout our referral codes for server providers like at cloudron.io/get.html

Half a year later from idea to being fully available. as a 1-click install image in the Marketplace ideas.digitalocean.com/ideas/D

Cloudron v4.1 is out now! Amongst other features and fixes, now supporting custom app icons and multiple redirects: cloudron.io/blog/2019-06-18-cl

We have released Cloudron v4 ! It is loaded with new features around staying on top of your apps and websites cloudron.io/blog/2019-05-16-cl

The Cloudron app packages for @nextcloud and InvoiceNinja just got support for dynamic memory limits based on the limits set for the app instance containers.

Alright all e2e tests have been fixed for @nextcloud We are slowly rolling out v16 to all Cloudrons over night. cloudron.io/store/com.nextclou

Heads up, we are working on the @nextclouders app update to v16. Some UI bits have changed, which require our end-to-end tests to be modified. Stay tuned 🙂

We updated the app package for Gitea:

• Update Gitea to 1.7.6
• Prevent remote code execution vulnerability with mirror repo URL settings (#6593) (#6595)
• Allow resend of confirmation email when logged in (#6482) (#6487)


We updated the app package for NodeBB:

• Update NodeBB to 1.12.1
• update unban logic/invocation and refactor User.bans module (3fbb6fa)
• add original sessionID to static:user.loggedOut (abe4abb)
• don't crash if templateData is undefined (eb2c3e5)


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