We updated the app package for Lychee:

• Update to Lychee 3.2.12
• Add usage of exiftool to get exif tags from camera #189
• Fixes image size missing from about #188


We updated the app package for Ghost:

• Allow 'url' in config file to be different from 'admin'


We updated the app package for The Lounge:

• Update lounge to 3.0.1
• Fix line-height to match height in input (#2995 by @xPaw)
• Fix incorrect 404 error for files with unknown file type (#3010 by @xPaw)
• Fix up link insertion after uploads to be saner (#3011 by @xPaw)
• Do not get highlight on invites (#3031 by @creesch)


We updated the app package for MonicaHQ:

• Update Monica to 2.12.0
• [Full changelog](github.com/monicahq/monica/rel)
• the Carddav URL has changed and is now `/dav`


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