Our Cloudron surfer app for serving up static assets just got support for access tokens to publish assets through a CI/CD pipeline! We will publish a step-by-step guide how to do this soon cloudron.io/store/io.cloudron.

If you want to take back control over your business data and get started with , make sure to checkout our referral codes for server providers like at cloudron.io/get.html

Half a year later from idea to being fully available. as a 1-click install image in the Marketplace ideas.digitalocean.com/ideas/D

Cloudron v4.1 is out now! Amongst other features and fixes, now supporting custom app icons and multiple redirects: cloudron.io/blog/2019-06-18-cl

We have released Cloudron v4 ! It is loaded with new features around staying on top of your apps and websites cloudron.io/blog/2019-05-16-cl

The Cloudron app packages for @nextcloud and InvoiceNinja just got support for dynamic memory limits based on the limits set for the app instance containers.

Alright all e2e tests have been fixed for @nextcloud We are slowly rolling out v16 to all Cloudrons over night. cloudron.io/store/com.nextclou

Heads up, we are working on the @nextclouders app update to v16. Some UI bits have changed, which require our end-to-end tests to be modified. Stay tuned 🙂

We updated the app package for Gitea:

• Update Gitea to 1.7.6
• Prevent remote code execution vulnerability with mirror repo URL settings (#6593) (#6595)
• Allow resend of confirmation email when logged in (#6482) (#6487)


We updated the app package for NodeBB:

• Update NodeBB to 1.12.1
• update unban logic/invocation and refactor User.bans module (3fbb6fa)
• add original sessionID to static:user.loggedOut (abe4abb)
• don't crash if templateData is undefined (eb2c3e5)


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