Console.log("Happy Friday!!!");

Friday is a great day to learn about w/

What is the difference between sessions and JTW ? Which one is right for your project?

I finally uploaded my talk from VimconfLive to YouTube!

Vim as a Word Processor
✅ Vimrc Config
✅ Plugins
✅ Commandline Tools
✅ Beginner Friendly!

Don't forget to join me today LIVE at 1:10pm EST for my talk on using as a word processor. It'll be great for beginners && veterans!

Join me && some of the world's leading experts tomorrow at VimConf 2020

I will be giving a beginner friendly presentation on configuring Vim as a word processor ✌💖🐧

My new stream schedule is available now:
The lineup:
- Rebel Cops
- Railway Empire
- Trails in the Sky
- Broken Sword 4
- Poly Bridge 2
- Path of Sin: Greed

See you on my channel at

Holarse Wochenend-Rückblick 2020-34 #Drückblick - Bridge Constructor für Untote, Civilization VI Update, Neuer SuperTuxKart Release, Caesar IV via Wine und Proton sowie viele weitere Punkte:

I'm shocked and deeply ashamed of what happened today in Berlin. Those and don't stand for the majority of German people!

Big thanks to the three(!) brave policemen of @polizeiberlin who prevented the Reichstag to be stormed by that mob.

[LIVE] Turn Around: I finish „ 2“ now. After that I'll start with „Rebel Cops“. Join me!

Console.log(New Video!!!🎉);

Make a public High Score List using:
🔹️ Fetch API
🔹️ code

Console.log("Good Morning && Happy Monday!!!🎉);

New Video! ✌💖💻 Dice Game Part 2: Keeping Score

Console.log("Good morning 🌞");

Start your day with my new video!!! Build a Hamburger Menu with , , && . Beginer friendly!!! ✌💖💻

[LIVE] RPGoodness: I play „Trails of Cold Steel III“ now (thanks to @koz_ross for gifting it to me). Join me!

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