Many men are intimidated by powerful women.

The harder they try to convince you that you are not special, the more scared they have become.✌💖💻

📢📢 My Subscribers: I finished my video on creating your own . It's in the Godot folder.

📢📢 Non-Subs. Subs get early access to all my content, but all my content finds its way to my website && . Stay tuned for updates ✌💖💻

📢📢 Set Theory for

Mathematical logic && set theory will help you with && much more!!!

@graciousgarg Ah! No, I'm here mainly because @hatnix and @codingcommanders are here, both of them are regular Twitch streamers

Are you a streamer? Are you a content creator?

TODAY 12-4pm EST, I'm going to show you how to make your own quick && free using , , && . NO XP NEEDED!!! ✌💖💻

I will demonstrate by making a fan site for King @hatnix 🔥🐧🔥

Guess what ? Flux Caves by is available at no cost on itch && as low as $0.99 on Steam! && It's available on 😍🐧🕹

Check out King @hatniKS's Review!!!

[LIVE] Flow: I play „The Curious Expedition“ now. Join @codingcommanders and me for the expedition!

Join me && @hatnix 12-4pm EST (17-21:00 UTC) for Cuddles && !!!

I'm working on beginners , , && tutorials!!! I use && to create awesome tutorials!!!

What is the ideal number of to eat in a day?

Print "Happy Monday🥳"

I just uploaded a video on If Statements. I think it's my best video so far!!! Check it out && let me know what you think!!! ✌💖💻

[LIVE] Crawl About: I play „The Warlock of Firetop Mountain“ now. Join @codingcommanders and me!

So, I made a short video to explain the difference between front end and back end and how they interact together.

It uses , , , , and to explain

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