Console.log("Happy Friday!!!");

Friday is a great day to learn about w/

What is the difference between sessions and JTW ? Which one is right for your project?

Don't forget to join me today LIVE at 1:10pm EST for my talk on using as a word processor. It'll be great for beginners && veterans!

Join me && some of the world's leading experts tomorrow at VimConf 2020

I will be giving a beginner friendly presentation on configuring Vim as a word processor ✌💖🐧

I'm moving to a new place and could use some help with house warming items. If your able to help, it's much appreciated!!!

Console.log("Happy Monday!!!🎉);

You don't have to be to use or do programming. You just need the right tools && resources. What do you want my next tutorial to cover?

Console.log("Happy Tuesday!!");

Don't forget to check out all my content, including vanilla projects, &&

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