A bronze monument in the village of Lidice, Czech Republic, dedicated to 82 children who were killed by the Nazis in 1942 because they were Jewish. Never forget.


What of someone invented a machine that allowed women to transfer their pregnancies to men and then the government passed a law that if a woman didn't want to have a baby the biological father was required to carry it how fast do you think birth control would stop being an issue?

"NO FUCKING SHIT" women reply.

Come along and ride on a fantastic voyage!

Our #Mars2020 Rover is gearing up for its seven-month journey to the Red Planet and you can send your name along for the ride. Get your boarding pass: mars.nasa.gov/participate/send 

As someone who is actively avoiding ANY knowledge of Star Wars Episode IX, I want to be the first to say that people are way too hung up on spoilers.

The more Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook run into controversy, the more I think that the concept of social networks just doesn't scale well beyond roughly a few thousand people.

And why would they? Prior to the internet, what was the largest monolithic social network you could join? It was a physical limitation, but we're a product of thousands of years of those physical limitations.

If you have time, could you please watch Ausländer by Rammstein and tell me your opinion about the video? Especially if you don't understand German.
CW nudity and blatant racism (imo)

At 6:30 pm (in 15 min.) EA will stream gameplay of 'SW Jedi Fallen Order'

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Some of my speaches have been released as a book by Penguin Random House. It’s out now. All of my earnings will go to charity. Just like the other books by me + my family.

What do you use as your daily driver?
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Even though I'm not on Twitter anymore, I see lots of blog posts starting off with some variation of "People are divided! Can't we all just get along?" or "People are so wrong about this! I'll set them straight." Invariably it always turns out that the author got their view of the world from Twitter.

Twitter is not the world. The world is not divided and angry and fighting over every minor thing. It just looks that way if you spend all day using Twitter.

The Digital Public Library of America has re-released the Mueller Report as a well-formatted ebook instead of a crappy PDF

Du wirst in einem privatwirtschaftlichen Krankenhaus geboren, verbringst die Jugend in zerfallenden Schulen um auf die nächsten 50 Jahre Ausbeutung vorbereitet zu werden. Wenn dich das völlig kaputtgesparte Gesundheitssystem überleben lässt, fällst du in ein verarmtes, unsolidarisches Rentensystem und landest schließlich in einem völlig unterbesetzten Pflegeheim in dem du, in deinen Exkrementen sitzend, auf den Notrufknopf drückend, endlich stirbst.

Deutschland 2019 in circa 500 Zeichen.

I made a responsive CSS Grid version of the Periodic Table of the Elements. Not a tutorial. More of a post hoc justification. adrianroselli.com/2019/05/peri

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Week 9! With @JCaussil #schoolstrike4climate #fridaysforfuture #LeadOnClimate

People tell me all the time that the climate crisis is too huge and that I am too small. “You know just you striking isn’t going to do anything,” they say.

“You noticed,” I say. “That’s something.”

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Deeply sad about Notre Dame, but shocked at the hypocrisy of humanity.

We destroy over 150 acres of rainforest every minute and do not give it a second thought, yet fall into mourning at the loss of a building.

Rich people: “We are aware of the homelessness problem but our hands our tied. We’re powerless to fix it”

Also rich people: “omg it burned down?! Please have LITERALLY ONE HUNDRED MILLION DOLLARS so you can fix it”

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