I do have github projects which I don't actively use myself, but whenever there is an issue, I try to answer or provide a fix.

But still, if the last commit into a project was 2 years ago, you probably shouldn't use it.

@cringe @alsternerd i don’t think that is absolutely correct... there are in fact things that are just done. When there is nobody filing bugs or feature-requests and the project just works... but yeah you should state that in the readme probably 🙂

@dunkelstern @alsternerd I've also archived some of my projects on github, so people know that I don't want to work on it anymore. I still think some might get some value out of it when looking for code though.

But information about archived or unmaintained projects will only get to people who are already willing to look up the repo, read changelogs, learn what an archived repo on github actually is... not sure if that's many developers out there. Nor the average user.

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