@cringe Some good ideas!
I use:
1 excavator tire tied upright to a tree for sledgehammer tabatas
1 excavator tire for tire flipping
1 homemade bulgarian bag
1 homemade sandbag for bearhug carries etc,
2 homemade gadas
1 battle rope
1 homemade trx, 1 from Lidl
different steel and wooden clubs
different castiron and steel kettlebells
dumbells with different weight plates
2 homemade wooden tools for farmers walk with possibility to add extra weight plates
ab wheel
pullup bar

@cringe Well, it's kind of fun. I feel better after/with training, but it's no hobby for me. I am an old fart (60), so I have to work out to preserve strength, endurance and mobility. An as Profesor Froboese says: "If you don't take some time for your sport, you will have to take a lot more time for your illnesses later on."

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