Trying out Brave browser, now that they're on .


Should check out Bromite, got their own fdroid repo.
Close open source fork of chromium with some really nice privacy and security patches.
It gets updates pretty soon after chromium (think brave takes much longer).

Looks like Kiwi browser uses your phones webview (which is much the same code as chrome or chromium), the regularity of webview security updates will depend on what kind of Android you have on your phone, on some phones can be very outdated.
On my phone…

… which has official #LineageOS Android with regular updates, the webview is chromium
74.0.3729.157 which is from 15th May
Bromite is on 75.0.3770.132 which is 6 days old
Brave is on 75.0.3770.101 which is 24 days old

Braves ad model feels a bit weird/sketchy to me (also the founder)

@dazinism @cringe My OPO runs with 16. But is based on and (see description). An it can use the extensions from chrome, like uBlock, Neat URL, Skip Redirect...
The only disadvantage is, there is no repo. But I will ask the developer, if he can create one.
But I will try anyway.

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