The 40min workout today felt 100% better than the 12min yesterday. I got two hours more sleep last night and I also had a better sleep score. I wish I would sleep like that every night.

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@cringe Today I worked out without having a connection between HR-monitor and app for the first 15 minutes. So I have to start over again now. 😜
No, not at all. Just kidding!

@ubo I don't track that much πŸ˜› but watching my sleep helps to determine the intensity I want to go or at least figure out why I perceive a workout as hard. Especially HRV durinthe night is a good indicator for me.

@cringe I use tracking my workouts for several reasons. It's a good method to train really hard enough without the risk to go to far (especially for an old fart). And it is a great motivation for me, to see how "many" calories I burn, compared to my input of food.

@ubo yes, I used to track way more things than now too. But sleep has the most impact, and I got rid of all the other things. I go back to tracking food input or activity every now and then to check my baselines though. I expect my calorie burn to slow down a lot in the coming years and I don't want to be surprised by it. 😁

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