I can borrow some resistance bands and a pair of 20kg dumbbells. I also have my weight vest here so that gives good options for some home . πŸ˜ƒ

@cringe A part of one of my favourite KB workouts with 2x20 kg:

1 clean, press (or pp or jerk), squat, renegade row
I do a pyramir 1 to 5 (or sometimes 6) to 1

That could be done with your dumbells too. Even though you may add more reps.

@ubo yes, also devils press, thrusters and all the bodybuilding movements for strength. πŸ˜„ I also like the pyramid rep scheme and chipper-style workouts.

My crossfit box posts daily workouts and videos, but I guess it's time to get creative with workouts too. And there are a lot of workouts available only, I especially like the ones posted by Pat Sherwoods instagram

If the lockdown comes to Germany, there's definitely resources to keep moving even in smaller homes.

@cringe Didn*t know the devils press; thats also a nice execise! And thanks for the link! I will have a look on Pat too, even though I am by far no crossfitter. Just an old fart trying to stay kind of fit and strong.

@ubo he posts very good workouts now and then, and has a focus on home workouts or simple workouts without too much fancy equipment.

Also, devils press are MEAN! 😈

@cringe "devils press are MEAN!"
That's what I thought when I saw them on YT and called "nice" 😁

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