@adidev yes, good questions. We probably will learn about good recipes with the next updates... πŸ™‚

@cringe How do you feel about all the content vaulting? I just started to play and can't really make an opinion (40hrs) but what got me into playing is exactly the size of the map, diversity of the worlds, I thought, I won't get bored soon.

@adidev well, I'm not sure about it. My vault is full of items that I rarely use, but I do have some favorite weapons and armor pieces... but I guess I'm not really a hardcore player with fine-tuned sets, so I'm not mad about removing those.

Yesterday I considered grinding the Mars escalation protocol to finally get all Ikelos weapons - mostly to finish my collections. But even that seems to much work too me.

TL;DR I think it's fine. Give new content, remove old. Who is going to Titan anyway?

@adidev Or Mercury? That was an empty place from the start.

I think Mars had enough content, questlines, activities and just space to explore. If they bring more like that (and not just more grindfest public events) the game will be fine.

@cringe lol, I started on EDZ, touched Mars, and now trying to complete at least one planet - Io, before it disappears from our solar system. I grab whatever weapon/gear is useful and enjoy the scenery ;)

@adidev sure, I think thats a good way to play. If there is something to collect, I'll give it a try. But I won't dedicate all my time to it and if it stops being fun I probably just play some more strikes or gambit instead. πŸ˜ƒ

I have grinded through the winter event to get the sled sparrow though. πŸ™ƒ

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