Maybe I should order a pair of dumbbells before they go out of stock again when the next lockdowns take place... πŸ€”


Done. Ordered a pair of 15kg and a pair of 22.5kg hex dumbbells. For the next lockdown I could also get my airbike back into the bike garage... πŸ˜ƒ

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Dumbbells are on their way. First order via that shop, so fingers crossed that they will actually arrive.

I wonder what the delivery driver will say about the packages... 😎 2x15kg and 2x22,5kg, probably one of the heavier things that day.

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Hm, one of the dumbbells arrived. One. Of two pairs of dumbbells. πŸ€”

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Remaining dumbbells arrived. I'm set for the next lockdown.

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@cringe Where did you order them? I might have use for some kettlebells at home, too.

@flowfx because they where the only seller on Amazon with weights I wanted. Decided to order via their shop though, not via Amazon.

Usually I buy fitness stuff from though.

@cringe well, yes. They are called DUMBbells....


sorry, had to

@cringe Great stuff!
Bent press, here he comes... πŸ™‚

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