Oh well. My ring does not connect to the phone. Is it a year already with the replacement?

I ordered my first ring on 14.01.2018. It arrived 10.10.2018. It broke and I got a replacement on 17.03.2020.

Today the replacement won't connect to the app anymore. I really hope it is not broken again... if it is, I won't get a new one although it is the BEST fitness tracker I owned in the last 10 years. 😒

The ring still won't connect, and it is not available when I disconnect it via the app and try to set it up fresh.

I'll consider it broken and will try to reach out via the support form. πŸ˜‘


As I expected: support had some more questions, but ultimately I had to provide my order details for warranty. But the ring is out of warranty and I received a replacement last year already. So, this is the end of my ring, although it is the best fitness tracker I owned in the last approx. 10 years. 😒 But I rather don't get such an expensive device if it breaks after a year.

I'll stick with my Carlyle for sleep tracking and my bluetooth HR sensor for workouts.

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