Testing for my notes. Usually I just type into my Sublime Text, but maybe this is a nice more visual way.

@cringe Have tried typora a few years ago - switched away to joplin.

In general i missed the way of organizing notes - tagging and Notebooks.

In special html export has puzzled me. Even if you don't use anything like katex, syntax highlighting or something else - almost all js is in every header, so that a simple hello world html has a size of 10+k.

And there were some other more or less minor issues / glitches.

@antiphasis ah yes, totally forgot abour Joplin. Is there a way to import plain Markdown files, other than copy-paste? 🤔

@cringe Although I never used/tested them - there are 2: one for single/multiple files and one for folders containing md files.
Latter one would be interesting to see how it handles linked stuff like images.

@antiphasis Ok, found it in the desktop app. I was only looking at the android app before. Looks like the markdown directory import works fine. I'll give Joplin a go, looks right for my usecase.

Thanks for the tip + reminder. 😊

@cringe You're welcome.
When working with the desktop app there's an extension for clipping directly into joplin, from URL to whole page, selection to screenshot, even simplified page (where the results may vary) to complete page in html, which is in beta at the moment.

And you can define a specific folder where the clip goes to, tagging with exisiting and/or new tags

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