Is there any browser alternative to that is NOT chrome/chromium and can still sync settings between windows and android devices?

I'm also a heavy user or ublock + autocookiedelete extensions, and I also use Firefox containers. So I guess I'm out of luck, right? 🤔

@cringe librewolf, fork of firefox focused on privacy, independently maintained

@queerfrog It's not available on Android, right?

And last time I checked they also ripped out the sync feature, although I am using my own sync-server and wouldn't rely on Mozilla for that.

@cringe no they don't have android unfortunately, you could use a android firefox fork like fennec but idk how the sync process would be

@cringe There’s only two surviving browser engines: Firefox and Chromium. Everything else is a reskin of one or the other (almost always Chromium, for technical reasons) I get why you might not want to support Mozilla but the only actual alternative is supporting Google.

@zwol @cringe Well, there’s still Safari and a few (rare) others using WebKit, at least for now, but that’s a practical alternative either…

You could take a look at #Fennec, which you could download via #fDroid using the org.mozilla.fennec_fdroid repo :mastoface_with_rolling_eyes:

maybe falkon?
based on Qt an runs under linux .. maybe also under windows and macos?

@cringe why are so many people against chromium ? It’s open source

@louisrcouture I just don't want to end up with just a single browser vendor. That's mostly my reason to sticking with Firefox. I would use Safari, if I would be in the Apple ecosystem.

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