New cover for my Kindle. Pretty easy project to do in about 2h. Handstitched, next time I will do it with the sewing machine to have a comparision how much time I can save. Not sure if the machine can get through 3 layers of leather though.

I might try something other than pure water when burnishing the edges next time. I don't like the fuzzy leather strands. 🤔

@ubo only handtools, and I will do more with the Singer sewing machine. I might get a dremel once I am satisfied with the results I get with manual tools though.

@cringe I really like the results of your leatherwork I saw until now!

@ubo thanks 😃 I'm pleasantly surprised myself. Everything turns out nice, or at least useable with a loz of things I learned from each piece.

It's a lot easier than i thought as well. With just a few videos and a basic set of tools the results are really nice.

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